For those who love the natural world, the Peninsula is paradise. Down here it seems hard not to turn a corner and be struck by a view that feels straight out of a Hollywood movie. From our towering capes and turbulent seas, to the rolling hills and mountains and bays that seem to go on forever, the natural world of the Peninsula is full of the sounds, sights and species that remind us that life is full of beauty.

With an abundance of coastline and a seemingly endless variety of ecosystems, the Tasman Peninsula is full of wildlife. The rolling hills and pastures in the area attract a wide variety of hawks, falcons and eagles while local gardens tend to be full of brilliantly coloured wrens, honeyeaters and robins. At dawn, dusk and throughout the night wallabies, possum and wombat emerge and explore and thump in the night. If you’re lucky you’ll even hear why the original settlers named the local Sarcophilus harrisii the Tasmanian Devil.

On the Peninsula you can travel in any direction and arrive at a coast line. The beaches are often connected to forest creeks and wetlands so they provide an abundant habitat for both local and migratory birds. Here can be found a wonderful array of oyster catchers, sandpipers and a rare variety of lapwings and plovers.

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Dolphins are typically seen year-round.

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Eaglehawk Dive Centre is a PADI 5 Star dive centre, with experienced professional staff. We offer dive trips for qualified divers in our world-class and unique underwater wilderness and also 1 day dive experiences with no previous training required.

Eaglehawk Dive Centre


Echidnas are found all over the Peninsula.

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Forest and bushland make up the vast majority of the peninsula’s natural habitat. Virtually any walk or trail you travel down is guaranteed to present you with a symphony of sounds and wild life. Keep an eye and and ear out and you’ll discover wombling wombats and echidnas, thumping wallabies and trees full of birds of every variety.

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If you’re a hawk or a falcon fan, the Tasman Peninsula a wonderful place to see them up close. Most often found on a fence post over looking a field or hovering around the area’s many pastures, one can see all kinds of Peregrines, Sparrowhawks and brown and grey Goshawks.

Hawks and Falcons


Similar in size to the wedgetail, the local area sea eagles can be found along most of the peninsula’s coastlines. Saltwater River Road - which follows the coastline of Norfolk Bay, and ends at Lime Bay and the Coal Mines, is the best way to spot the sea eagles. Just look for the highest perches overhanging the many rocky points and sheltered bays in the area.

Sea Eagle


Seals are typically seen year-round.

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The Three Capes Paddle with Southern Sea Ventures is your opportunity to experience the stunning coastline of the Tasman Peninsula under your own steam. We offer fully catered, accommodated four day guided paddling trips exploring the best of the Tasman Peninsula. Contact Southern Sea Ventures for a fun, safe, active all inclusive four day paddling adventure.


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Take an unforgettable three-hour journey on one of Pennicott’s famous Yellow boats. You’ll be amazed at the towering sea cliffs of Cape Pillar and Cape Hauy and marvel at the Tasman Island. On the way you’ll get up close to amazing sea cliffs, caves and sea life including seals, dolphins, migrating birds, and often whales.

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Gone are the cages and enclosures of traditional zoos, at the Unzoo you get to walk through native botanic gardens where you can see wildlife in the best way possible - in its natural habitat. With presentations and feedings throughout the day you’ll get up close to many of the animals including the world famous Tassie devils as well as possums, wallabies, quolls, kangaroos, pademelons, and many species of birds. At the Unzoo, the focus is on education and conservation and is a great experience for the whole family.

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Tasmanian Devils can be seen in the wild and also at the Tasmanian Devil Unzoo at Taranna.

Tasmanian Devil Sarcophilus Harrisii Rob Burnett F1A594


Wallabies are a common sight on the Peninsula.



The local population of wedge tails is healthy and can most often be seen in pairs hovering over large areas where farm pastures meet the native forests. An extremely large bird, they sometimes can be a bit of a surprise when seen on the side of the road enjoying a fresh bit of carrion.

Wedge Tail Eagle


With so much coastline and so many protected beaches and bays, the Peninsula makes for a perfect home or rest stop for larger sea animals. Seals and dolphins are typically seen year-round, the Southern Wright and Humpbacks always stop by (at the beginning and end of winter) on their way to and from their Antarctic feeding grounds.

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Wombats are more likely to be seen after dark.

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